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The winner of the FIA Smart Driving Challenge 2021

French Alexandre Stricher is the winner of FIA Smart Driving Challenge 2021. This is the second time he claims the title "the worlds smartest driver". FIA SDC is the first global challenge rewarding smart driving and inspiring everyday drivers to drive in a safer and more sustainable way.

FIA SDC are happy to announce Alexandre Stricher as the winner of the FIA Smart Driving Challenge 2021.

The FIA SDC aims to raise awareness of the positive impact smart driving can have on saving lives on the road and on preserving the planet. The FIA SDC technology, provided by Greater Than, measures every drive in real-time and gives participants a score based on how safe and eco-friendly they drive.

This tangible measure of their driving gives them the chance to assess their progress and make driving more sustainable around the world.

When joining the challenge to become the world’s smartest driver, participants are invited to choose a team led by one of a number of prestigious motor sport champions, including Abdulla Al-Khelaifi, Nasser Al-Kuwari, Kevin Hansen, Timmy Hansen, Adel Hussein Abdulla, Karol Basz, Giniel de Villiers, Suvi Jyrkiäinen, Jutta Kleinschmidt, Johan Kristoffersson, Fabienne Lanz, Freddy Loix, Andreas Mikkelsen, Catie Munnings, Sébastien Ogier, Hayden Paddon, Gosia Rdest, Henning Solberg, Oliver Solberg, Petter Solberg, Marlon Stockinger, Molly Taylor, Tina Thörner, Pontus Tidemand, Martin Tomczyk, Thiago Vivacqua, and Tomas Enge among others.

The 2021’s challenge consisted of three qualification heats (each heat running over six calendar weeks) from 19 April to 8 November 2021. Over 4,500 participants and 18 Clubs including the Automobile Association of Namibia (AAN), the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS), the Automobile Association of South Africa (AASA), Automobile Association of Zambia (AAZA), the Automobile Club Association (ACA), the AutoClub of the Czech Republic (ACCR), AKK Motorsport, the Hong Kong Automobile Association (HKAA), Kungliga Automobil Klubben (KAK), the Norges Automobil-Forbund (NAF), the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PZM), the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), the Royal Automobile Club de Belgique (RACB), the Royal Automobile Club of Norway (KNA), Svenska Bilsportforbundet (SBF), the Union des Automobilistes Bulgares (UAB), and Ypres Rally in Belgium entered the challenge.

“This is the third year we organise the FIA Smart Driving Challenge together with the FIA and not only are we inspiring people to drive in smarter way, but we can also see a very engaged community growing around smart driving. It seems, once you become aware of what impact you have on the road, it’s hard to go back to your old ways,” says Johanna Forseke CEO Greater Than AB.

Winner for the second year in a row

Out of thousands of participants who participated in the 2021 challenge globally, the top 21 qualified to participate in the final. This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the final consisted in a 5-day digital event from 24 to 28 November. Out of the 21 finalists – Alexandre Stricher from France performed the best with an average score of 1502.822 points.

This is the second year in a row that Stricher claims the title of “world’s smartest driver”. The winner of the third FIA Smart Driving Challenge edition, a member of the Automobile Club Association, competed in the team led by Sébastien Ogier.

To congratulate Alexandre Stricher, President of the Automobile Club Association Didier Bollecker, and Sébastien Ogier for their commitment to promoting smart driving, a ceremony was organised in Paris at the occasion of the FIA Annual General Assembly week during which a trophy was handed over by FIA Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism Thierry Willemarck.


As part of the prize, Alexander Stricher has been invited to the exclusive FIA Prize Giving ceremony to see racing’s World Champions receive their trophies.

“Congratulations to our 2021 FIA Smart Driving Challenge winner, who is rewarded for his safe and eco-friendly driving skills for the second time in a row. We are delighted that more and more drivers across the world are participating in the Challenge every year and to see such increased commitment in improving driving behaviour.

I invite more Clubs to join the Challenge and do their part in contributing to the adoption of safe and sustainable driving,” said Thierry Willemarck, FIA Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism.

“We are delighted and proud that two French participants and members of the Automobile Club Association are on the podium of this challenge rewarding safe and eco-friendly driving. We invite all motorists to download the easy-to-use FIA SDC APP.

Every day, and at our own level, we can act effectively to contribute to improve road safety and reduce CO2 emissions,” said Didier Bollecker, President Automobile Club Association.

“Smart driving is something I have been passionate about for a long time. Through tracking my driving, I keep myself accountable for my behaviour on the road. I can see the impact I make, and I know I am not only doing a good thing for the world – I am also saving money at the same time”, said Alexandre Stricher, winner of FIA SDC 2020 and 2021.

Details about the FIA Smart Driving Challenge
The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is a worldwide challenge rewarding smart, safe and eco-friendly driving. The challenge was created by the FIA in collaboration with Greater Than to encourage everyday drivers to adopt smarter, cleaner and safer driving behaviour.

The app is free to download and requires only Bluetooth to connect to your car and start driving.

Download in App Store 

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Read more about the challenge here.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)

The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading mobility organisations. Founded in 1904, with headquarters in Paris and Geneva, the FIA is a non-profit organisation. It brings together 245 Member Organisations from 146 countries on five continents. Its Member Clubs represent over 80 million road users and their families. The FIA promotes safe, sustainable and accessible mobility for all road users around the world. Further details can be found at www.fia.com.

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