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What can be achieved with eco-driving?

Eco-driving is a style of driving that is better for the environment. But that’s not the only benefit. Read on to discover the top five benefits of eco-driving.

1. Eco-friendly driving reduces fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is a key concern for fleets globally; especially now that fuel prices are at record highs. Reducing fuel consumption is important for businesses to help manage the bottom line.

By adopting eco-driving techniques, particularly smooth acceleration and braking, drivers can help reduce fuel consumption.

2. Eco techniques reduce exhaust emissions

Road transportation represents close to 15% of total global greenhouse emissions. It’s therefore important for businesses to evaluate their own transport activities and act to reduce environmental impact.

Eco-driving has proven to be effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Think smoother acceleration and braking, earlier gear-changing and forward planning.

3. There’s a direct link between eco and safety

Companies have both legal and moral responsibilities to manage the safety of those who drive for work purposes. A comprehensive driver risk management program supports not only safety, but sustainability efforts. By its very nature, a program that encourages safe, defensive driving techniques is likely to encourage an eco-friendly style of driving.

Techniques such as smooth driving, effective observation, and anticipation, leaving a safe following distance, and planning, all contribute to safer, cleaner roads.

4. Eco-driving reduces vehicle wear and tear

Vehicle maintenance and repair costs are on the rise, a result of factors such as higher labor rates and material costs. With finances tight for businesses, avoiding unnecessary repairs – and maintaining higher residual values of vehicles – is beneficial.

Cutting down harsh maneuvers by encouraging an eco-friendly style of driving helps to reduce vehicle wear and tear, contributing to fewer breakdowns and safer vehicles for drivers. 

5. An eco-style of driving is more comfortable

Making small changes to driving style can deliver a big difference to driver and passenger comfort. Eco-driving involves smooth use of the accelerator, brakes, gears, and steering, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

Additionally, eco-friendly driving techniques such as route planning, staying 100% focused, and leaving a safe following distance, help to reduce fatigue and stress – helping to improve the overall driving experience.

Measuring eco-driving with FIA SDC

Encouraging eco-friendly driving techniques is the easy part – measuring it can be more challenging for fleets. 

FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC), the world’s first challenge that rewards smart, safe, eco-friendly driving, makes it easy for businesses to encourage and measure eco-driving improvements. Each driver is measured by Greater Than’s digital Enerfy platform which evaluates driving in real-time with artificial intelligence and makes eco-friendly driving both measurable and comparable.

The FIA SDC business reporting package provides harmonized data on CO2 emissions, CO2 savings and safety, regardless of vehicle type and geography.

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Read more about the challenge here.

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